Electric Autodolly
Electric Autodolly

Are your Videos not getting the engagement you deserve? Do you need Your Shots to Look Professional?

  • The Electric Autodolly can fix these problems for you!
  • Stabilize Video: No More Shaking for those with Unsteady Hands
  • Macro and Low Angle Video Shots
  • Short Time Lapses

The Electric Autodolly is perfect for amateurs and pros seeking to create professional quality videos. Lightweight but VERY STRONG (capable of holding a large DSLR camera), the Electric Autodolly is SUPERIOR TO ITS COMPETITION because it’s made from premium aluminum alloy materials. This means you’ll create highly stable, outstanding photos and videos without worrying about the shakiness, breakdowns and damage that you see in similar devices using cheaper materials.

With the Electric Autodolly you’ll be able to:

  • Shoot straight line or capture stunning 360-degree panoramic shots
  • Create dynamic shots on BOTH flat and smooth surfaces
  • Use a ¼ or 3/8 convertible screw to support various devices (up to 6kg/13.2lbs)
  • Reverse the battery so you can move in the opposite direction
  • Create short-time time-lapse videos, set adjustable angles, and even install a ball-head to realize any angle you desire
  • Enjoy a constant speed of 2.5cm/s so you can efficiently create videos
  • Save battery power by moving at a slower speed
  • Create smooth, beautiful, professional looking product videos even if you’re an amateur!


  1. For straight shooting: Align the wheels so they’re all straight
  2. To shoot on a curve: Set 2 of the wheels in the desired direction
  3. Once the desired angle is set, press start

So if you’re ready for a sleek, strong, durable device that lets you create professional quality videos, order the Electric Autodolly TODAY and you’ll get 50% OFF + FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING.

Electric Autodolly from £89.71 GBP