YouTuber Casey Neistat surprised kids from the Boys & Girls Club by dropping a happy holidays banner while attached to a drone. His indoor stunt happened inside an abandoned mall that was converted into a winter wonderland.

Casey on the snowboarded while being pulled by a drone last year, but this year, he used the man-drone UAV to spread the holiday spirit.

Here is the video where Neistat gets carried by a drone:

The night before the stunt, Casey and Samsung teamed up to giveaway presents to members from the Fitzsimonds Boys & Girls Club. They gave away a Samsung Chromebook, TV and 30 Samsung Note 8 phones (WOW).

The following day, the kids were invited to the Northridge Mall, which closed down in 2003, and they were greeted with an edible gingerbread house, ice rink, train rides, sledding down escalators, fluffy snow, snowboarders and Santa Claus.

Just watch the video and you see what they all got up to in the end..